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If you are just joining us, recently on our blog, we began answering questions that many are too embarrassed to ask. Honestly, in our opinion, there isn’t a “stupid” question and so would love to answer any and all questions that you have about life insurance. In our last post we answered:

  • Doesn’t my employer provide life insurance?
  • A medical exam to buy life insurance? Why?
  • What will the medical exam be like?

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Can I see my own doctor for my physical?

No. You must see the insurance designated practitioners.

Due to the possibility that your family doctor might be a bit biased because they have history with you, you must see the testing company that is designated by the insurance company. Those administering the needed tests will come to your home or office for your convenience. We understand how this can be a little uncomfortable, but know that you will be getting a free physical and will be one step closer to getting the insurance policy that you need.

What will they be looking for in my exam?

They will be looking at all factors that will determine your general health and life expectancy.

They will be testing for high blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol, and for traces of nicotine. They may also be looking at your body mass index as well. Basically, they will be testing to get a holistic picture of your health to determine what classification you fall into based on your health and, as a result, what your premiums will be.

Is losing weight a good idea?

Yes and no.

Going on a diet and getting in the best shape of your life is always a good idea. However, it won’t affect the results of your physical as much as you think it might. Why? When you are getting your physical, they will ask you if your weight has fluctuated 10 pounds or more within the last year. If it has, the classification and your premiums won’t be as affected as much as you would hope. Don’t be discouraged though! Many insurers allow you to take the test after a couple years and so this could still positively benefit your premiums. Also, anything that betters your health is always a win!

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