Hello and welcome back to the Naples Life Insurance & Annuity Advisors blog! Recently on our blog we have been focusing on life insurance and everything that you need to know when you are investing in a policy of your own. Life insurance is important for everyone to have, and because of the variety and versatility of the policies available, it can meet the needs of anyone seeking a long-term investment; life insurance is beneficial for the young twenty-something that has recently landed their first post-college job as well as the senior citizen nearing retirement.

Today on our blog, we are going to be addressing a common question, “Will running lower my life insurance premiums?” This is a viable question because premiums and even being able to invest in life insurance is based on your health, and so, it would be assumed that running and thus being in good health would work to your advantage when you are applying for life insurance. Stay right here to learn more and be sure to visit our website to learn more about the services we offer our clients in Naples.

I Run. Will My Premiums Reflect That?

According to a Runner’s World article, runners have a “35 percent lower risk for all-cause mortality.” According to another article, runners have a “45 percent reduction in cardiovascular mortality,” and are less likely to need diabetic medication and to take blood pressure medication. Also, a study in the American College of Cardiology shows that it can reduce the risk of heart disease by 45 percent just from running even a slow mile (11 to 12 minute mile) four to five days a week. Running can significantly benefit your health so it would only make sense that it would increase your chances of obtaining a life insurance policy lower premiums.

How Running Can Positively Affect Your Premiums

As you can probably surmise from the above information, running can significantly decrease your risk for long-term disease and physical deterioration. Because of this, runners will usually score very high when their health information is examined by a life insurance underwriter in Naples. For those who aren’t familiar an underwriter is the person who determines how much of a risk it is to cover you and if the risk you pose for them fits within their risk margins. Often those who are smokers or who have chronically poor health will find it difficult to get coverage due simply to the fact that they have the markers that, to put it bluntly, in most cases cause them to die sooner than those who are deemed their healthier counterparts.

How Running & Extreme Sports Can Negatively Affect Your Premiums

Conversely, running and participation in extreme sports can negatively affect your health as well. Some say that running and extreme exercise can actually injure your heart, and if participants have undergone multiple surgeries and suffered injuries due to their participation in extreme sports, underwriters might not look at your application for life insurance quite as fondly. Events such as Triathlons have a high mortality rate and other extreme events such as Tough Mudder and Spartan races have also come under the same scrutiny.

So What Does This Mean?

What you can take away from all of this is that being fit won’t always benefit you when you are purchasing a life insurance policy. However, in most cases, it will tilt the scales in your favor because you will score higher for being healthier. If you are considering buying life insurance, consider your health habits and how they may affect your ability to get a policy that you want. However, don’t let that deter you! If you are considering buying a life insurance policy in Naples, contact Naples Life Insurance & Annuity Advisors. We would love to help you find a policy that will fit your needs.