Welcome back to the Naples Life Insurance and Annuity Advisors’ blog! In our last post, we began discussing the steps that you must take to get your affairs in order. For many, their New Year’s resolution has little to do with their finances, which is actually very unfortunate. To start off your new year well, take time to get your affairs in order. Read our last blog post if you missed it, or keep reading to learn the final basic steps for having everything in order.  

Organize Your Finances

To get your affairs in order, you will want to organize your finances. What does this mean exactly? This means consolidating your retirement funds, buying or finding your life insurance policy, having your debt easily accessible, and making sure all other pieces of your financial puzzle are together. All elements of your finances should be kept together and you need to make sure that your beneficiaries know about them as well. Billions of dollars go unclaimed by beneficiaries of deceased citizens simply because they don’t know about these assets. Keeping all of these documents and records in a safe, yet easily accessible place is the best way, in addition to telling your beneficiaries about them, to make sure that your finances will be taken care of after you pass.

Finance Basics

  • Consolidate all debt and retirement funds
  • Have a life insurance policy
  • Tell your beneficiary about your finances
  • Keep all financial documentation in a safe place

Secure Your Digital Life

For those of us living in the modern age who use email and the internet, it is important to take a look at your digital footprint. Somes aspects of your digital life to consider are your Facebook page and other social media pages, as well as your Google account. The process of gaining access to your digital accounts by your heirs can be very difficult after you pass away so it is best that you leave a record of all important passwords and file that away with all other important documentation. If you give your heirs all that they need to access your accounts, they can easily pay bills online, memorialize your Facebook or delete it all together, and have access to other important accounts.

Secure Your Digital Life Basics

  • Create a database of all important passwords
  • Indicate what you would like to happen to your social media accounts
  • Put your database of passwords with the rest of your important documentation

Lastly . . .

Once you’ve gotten all of these important documents created, you should create a master file of all important documentation. Other documents to include in your file are birth certificates, marriage licenses, social security cards, and other important financial, medical, and legal documents. Put all of these documents in a fire safe place and tell your beneficiaries or your executor where they can find these important documents.

Investing in Life Insurance

Also, if you have not yet invested in a life insurance policy, you should speak to a financial advisor today. Life insurance can be a crucial part of your finances that can not only provide you many benefits and peace of mind while you are alive, but also provide peace of mind, stability, and the money needed by those who you leave behind to carry out your wishes and take care of your burial, as well as take care of their needs.

Life Insurance in Naples

If you or your loved ones are in need of a life insurance policy that will fit your needs, contact Naples Life Insurance and Annuity Advisors! We are your local financial experts in Naples. We have the experience, knowledge, and investment products that can help you build a bright future and have peace of mind. Visit our website to learn more!