Are you considering purchasing term life insurance? Would you like a review of an existing term life insurance policy?

Term life insurance is a great financial tool to fill a need with a specified time. It can provide a lump sum of cash to accomplish the following goals:

  • Replace lost lifetime income of a spouse
  • Pay off the mortgage for surviving spouse
  • Provide money needed for surviving children to attend college
  • Provide money for the care of parents if you predecease them
  • Pay off any debt the decedent leaves behind, including funeral expenses

Term life insurance does more than you might think – work with us to ensure that you have the coverage you need. If you need coverage to give security to your spouse, children, and other dependents, we will ensure you get the best deal to fit all of your needs. While no one can predict the future, term life insurance ensures that your dependents will be taken care of if you are to pass away unexpectedly.

Set up a free consultation with Chris T. Christensenterm life insurance expert and founder of Naples Life Insurance & Annuity Advisors. Chris will show you which term life insurance policies are the best fit for you based on your goals and make sure you fully understand all of your options.